Millswood Residence
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As a long standing client, the Millswood Residence has gradually been refurnished room by room. The latest additions are the kid's breakout room and master bedroom. The kid's breakout room was turned into a haven for lounging within a space saturated with bright colours. The breakout room connects to the open plan living space, refurnished with Australian made and designed furniture and lighting. Walking through the hallway, this space features a domed pendant with a floral cast plaster and bespoke leather and solid walnut ottoman. Within the master bedroom, soft neutral hues are paired against dark tones to create a warm and inviting environment. Integrating study and chill zones, the kid's bedrooms were given a total make over. Favourite colours are reflected in the choice of finishes and furnishings. Both spaces are home to custom beds, chest of drawers and study walls with integrated storage. The boy's bedroom is bold, bright and sophisticated. In contrast, the girl's bedroom is delicately layered with softy hues of blue.

Photographer: Evolved Images