Fete Magazine
October 2014

The Cumulus pendant was featured in a 'Spring Makeover' shoot on page 80 0f Fete magazine.

Real Living Magazine
September 2014

The Cumulus Nude pendant had it's media debut in the October issue of Real Living Magazine.

Vogue Living
September 2014

The Cumulus pendant was featured as part of a bathroom designed by Carole Whiting of Carole Whiting Architects in the October issue of Vogue Living Magazine.

Belle Magazine
September 2014

The Prospect residence kitchen and bathroom were both featured in the October issue of Belle Magazine.

Australian House and Garden Magazine
August 2014

Both the Cumulus pendant and Cumulus Nude pendant were featured separately in the September issue of Australian House and Garden Magazine.

Advertiser Interview
May 2014

Susanna was interviewed for an article in The Advertiser newspaper, commenting on current trends in the Australian Interior Design industry and her experience as a member of the 2014 judging panel.

Australian Interior Design Awards
January 2014

Susanna was a member of the jury for the Australian Interior Design Awards

Inside Living
March 2014

The Prospect residence was featured on the architecture and interiors website Inside Living

Habitus Magazine
February 2014

The Enoki Cumulus pendant was pictured in the 'lightbox' feature Cool and Calm in Habitus Magazine

The Adelaide Review
January 2014

The branding for the Warradale Hotel was featured on the front page of the 'Form' section of the Adelaide Review

New Suburban
December 2013

The Brammy-Kyprianou residence featured on page 224 of the new architecture publication New Suburban by Stuart Harrison

Belle Magazine
December 2013

The Enoki Cumulus featured in a bedroom fitout on page 195 of Belle magazine

The Adelaide Review
November 2013

Enoki co-director Susanna Bilardo was featured in the article Australian Design Story focusing on an evening held by Aptos Cruz Galleries about three Australian Designer's and their story.

The Adelaide Review
November 2013

The Garden menu from the Warradale Hotel was featured in an article about the up and coming DIA Awards.

House and Garden Magazine
October 2013

The North Adelaide residence dressing room was featured in the Top 50 Rooms special of the Australian House and Garden Magazine.

The Block
Channel 10 - June 2013

The Cumulus pendant made an appearance in two separate rooms on The Block on Channel Ten.

Dwell Magazine
Bath and Spa Special Issue February 2013

The Brammy-Kyprianou residence bathroom was included in the Bath and Spa Special Issue of Dwell magazine

Inside Out Magazine
March/April 2013

The Bean stool and Ben + Flo table were featured in Inside Out magazine in March 2013.

The Adelaide Review
April 2013

The Cumulus pendant light, Bean stool and Broth cushions were featured in The Adelaide Review colour edition.

Inside Out Magazine
April 2013 (pg.120)

The bathroom from residential project The Common was featured in the April edition of Inside Out Magazine.

Inadesignerhome Blog
May 2013

Susanna was featured on the blog Inadesignerhome.

Daily Imprint Blog
December 2012

Susana was featured on the design blog Daily Imprint in December 2012.

Luxury Home Design Magazine
Vol 15 No 4 (p. 106)

Collision was included in the 'Feature Homes' section of Luxury Home Design magazine

Inside Out Magazine
September/October 2012 (p. 60)

Cumulus was featured in the 'Homewares Trend' section of Inside Out Magazine September/October 2012 edition.

Design South Australia Book
August 2012

Enoki was selected to be in the Design South Australia publication.

Design Ark Blog
August 2012

Our Siroc project was featured on the design blog Design Ark in August 2012.

August 2012

Cumulus was featured in a Life Instyle blog on Declutterhome in August 2012.

The Daily Buzz
4th August 2012

Cumulus was featured in a Show picks blog on The Daily Buzz on the 4th August 2012.

Belle Magazine
June/July 2012 (p. 10)

The Ben + Flo table was featured in the 'Right Now Design' section of Belle Magazine June/July 2012 edition.

Belle Magazine
June/July 2012 (p. 67)

The Cumulus Pendant light was featured in the 'The Look' section of Belle Magazine June/Jul2 2011 edition.

The Adelaide Review
March 2012 (p. 56)

The Cumulus Pendant light was featured in the 'Form' section of The Adelaide Review March 2012 edition.

Belle Magazine
October/November 2011 (p. 42)

The Cumulus Floor light was featured in the 'Right Now Design' section of Belle Magazine October/November 2011 edition.

The Adelaide Review
Issue 380, October 2011 (p. 54-55)

Enoki's 'Come Swing With Us' installation for Park(ing) Day 2011 was mentioned in the October 2011 issue of The Adelaide Review.

Adelaide Living
Issue 2, Summer 2011 (p.31, 51-58, 96, 99, 106)

The Freschi Residence, Brammy Kyprianou Residence and Cumulus Floor lamp were featured in the Summer 2011 issue of Adelaide Living.

Attitude Magazine
September-November 2011 (p. 56)

Boy Toy was featured in the September-November issue of Attitude Magazine. Enoki were engaged to create the interior and identity for this statement salon.

Judge engagement
September 2011

Judd was a member of the 'Communication' category judging panel for 'The Laminex Group DIA SA Awards 2011'.

Studio Bambini
Spring/Summer 2011-2012 (p.16, 136, 151, 162, 240, 261)

Enoki's children's Cumulus pendants, Alphabet Soup game, Children's Soup Rugs and Puzzle table and bench seats were featured in the Spring/Summer 2011-2012 issue of Studio Bambini.

Best Kitchens & Bathrooms
Part 2, 2011 (p. 28-39)

Adelaide Residence, Collison Residence + Blair Farquarson Residence by Enoki are all featured in the latest publication from Abode; 'Best Kitchens & Bathrooms'.

The Adelaide Magazine
August 2011 (p. 30-31)

The Collison Residence by Enoki is featured in the August issue of The Adelaide Magazine.

July 2011 (p. 8-9)

A practice profile of Enoki was published in the July 2011 edition of Place.

Hotel SA
June/July 2011 (p. 3, 10-19)

The refurbishment of the Mansfield Park Hotel, was recently featured in the June/July 2011 issue of Hotel SA magazine. Enoki worked in collaboration with Samantha Agostino on the planning for the extension, resulting in a complete facelift to the existing building.

Adelaide Matters
June 2011 (p. 23)

Enoki was mentioned in the June 2011 edition of Adelaide Matters, with their products being a feature at the Bowerbird Bazaar.

Issue 35, May 2011(p. 40)

The Haus Hahndorf was mentioned as an award recipient in the DIA South Australia Awards write up, found in the Artichoke 'News Awards' Section of Issue 35.

Speaking Engagement
16 May 2011

Judd spoke at 'First Five Out' for the Australian Graphic Design Association about his first five years out of University.

Speaking Engagement
4 May 2011

Judd was a speaker at 'Speed Meet' for the Design Institute of Australia, meeting University students and talking about making a start in the design industry.

Australian House & Garden
April 2011 (p. 205-211)

Blair & Farquarson Residence by Enoki was featured in the April issue of Australian House & Garden.

Speaking Engagement
March 2011

Susanna was a panel member at 'Professional Practice Week' for the University of South Australia discussing "what happens next" after leaving University.

Deluxe Adelaide
February 2011 (p. 56)

Enoki's 'Stitch' rug was featured as the promotional image for Bowerbird Bazaar in Deluxe Adelaide, a new magazine put together by Advertiser Newspapers.

The Adelaide Review
Issue 372, February 2011 (p. 49)

The design feature 'Form' in The Adelaide Review, featured a story on furniture designed and made by UniSA final year Interior Architecture students. Alex's piece, 'Adam + Eve', was one of fifteen selected to be exhibited at the 2011 Milan Salone Satellite in April.

Adelaide Magazine
Summer Edition 2011 (p. 127-132)

One of Enoki's residential projects was chosen as the backdrop for a fashion shoot for the Summer Edition of Adelaide Magazine. The shoot was beautifully styled by Deni Jones from Cul-de-sac.

The Adelaide Review
Issue 370, December 2010 (p. 46)

Enoki received the Silver award at the 2010 DIA Awards, for The Haus Hahndorf graphics. The Adelaide Review featured all awardees in Issue 370.

Australian House & Garden
November 2010 (p. 104-105)

Enoki made it into the 'Top 50 Rooms' feature in November's issue of Australian House and Garden, showcasing their favourite Australian interiors of 2010. The Freschi residence, also designed by Enoki, was covered by the magazine.

Adelaide Living
Launch Issue, October 2010 (p. 14, 74-75)

Enoki made two appearances in the launch issue of Adelaide Living magazine. The Cumulus pendant featured alongside inspiring designs from Adelaide designers. Susanna Bilardo also contributed to the article, 'Decorate, Renovate or Detonate'.

Best Australian Interiors
October 2010 (p. 52-63)

Enoki is featured in the recently published book, Best Australian Interiors edited by Gary Takle for its work on three projects.

Belle Australia
October/November 2010 (p. 84-85)

Cumulus was spotted in publication again, this time making its way into Belle magazine in a feature highlighting 38 of the latest designs from Australian designers.

The Adelaide Review
Issue 368, October 2010 (p. 53)

Enoki took part in the annual International Park(ing) Day, featured in Issue 368 of The Adelaide Review.

Belle Australia
August/September 2010 (p. 184)

The Haus Bar & Kitchen was featured as one of Belle's recommended hot spots, in the August/September 2010 issue.

Home Beautiful
July 2010 (p. 62)

Home Beautiful magazine features the Cumulus pendant as a product for the cooler months. While the Cumulus pendant has been busy travelling to Los Angeles and Sydney, the Enoki team are developing the wall and floor versions to add to the Cumulus family.

Australian House & Garden
July 2010 (p. 78-85)

Australian House and Garden featured the Brammy Kyprianou residence in the July 2010 issue.
The Haus in Hahndorf
June 2010

The Haus featured prominantly in indesignlive's weekly e-newsletter.

The Adelaide Review
Issue 364, June 2010 (p. 47)

Enoki was featured in Issue 364 of The Adelaide Review, for winning the 'Best of State' award, for The Belair Hotel at the DIA awards.

Adelaide Matters
May/June 2010 (p. 32-33)

The Haus Cafe, Bar and Kitchen was featured in Adelaide Matters.

The Adelaide Magazine
May 2010 (p. 50-56)

Amanda Blair's home was featured in the May Issue of The Adelaide Magazine.

Special Issue, April 2010 (p. 60)

At the Interior 2010 Design Awards in Sydney, Enoki was awarded 'Best of State' in Commercial Design for The Belair Hotel, also awarded to Folland Panozzo Architects.

Issue 30, March-May 2010 (p. 36)

In Artichoke magazine's 30th anniversary issue, Enoki gets a mention.

The Adelaide Magazine
March 2010 (p. 60-64)

The Brammy Kyprianou Residence, a collaboration with Troppo Architects, was featured in the March issue of the Adelaide Magazine.

Speaking Engagement
February 2010

Judd spoke to primary school students for Advantage SA about his journey to becoming a graphic designer.

Autumn 2010 (p. 6)

'Time'kerchief', an exhibition entry by Susanna, was featured in the Autumn 2010 edition of Spark, a Design Insititute of Australia publication.

Belle Australia
February/March 2010 (p. 24)

Cumulus pendants were published in the February/March issue of Belle magazine.

Belle Australia
December/January 2009-2010 (p. 102)

Belle magazine December/January 2009 issue presented the Belair Hotel as a finalist in the Belle Georg Jensen Design Awards for 2009.

Venue Magazine
Issue 33, November 2009 (p. 32-33)

The Belair Hotel gets a mention in Venue magazine issue 33.

Australian House & Garden
November 2009 (p. 112 + 113)

The Brammy Kyprianou residence was selected as one of the 'Top 50 Rooms' for 2009, published in the November issue of Australian House and Garden.

Adelaide Matters
November 2009 (p. 16-17)

The Enoki team were interviewed for a feature in Adelaide Matters November 2009 issue.

Speaking Engagement
November 2009

Susanna, Vi and former Enoki team member Samantha Agostino spoke at the University of South Australia during Professional Practice Week about what it takes to produce award winning work.

Bowerbird Bazaar
9-11 October 2009

Enoki launched the Stitch rug collection, Shapes for children, Soup t-shirts and the Cumulus pendant, at Adelaide's first design showcase market, 'Bowerbird Bazaar', in October 2009.

The Adelaide Review
Issue 354, August 2009 (p. 53 & 56)

Enoki's fitout of Decant, the restaurant at the base of the Soho Hotel on Flinders Street, was reviewed by Jane Lawrence in the August 2009 issue of the Adelaide Review.

June/July 2009 (p. 16)

Enoki's Spell rug collection was featured in the June/July 2009 edition of Monument magazine.

The Adelaide Magazine
May 2009 (p. 25)

Enoki's Decant restaurant, was reviewed in Adelaide Magazine as one of Adelaide's 'new haunts'.

Decorators' Secret Handbook
2009 (p. 14-15)

Susanna was one of twenty Australian designers chosen to share their trade secrets for the Decorators' Secret Handbook, published by Inside Out magazine in 2009.

(inside) magazine
November/February 2008-2009 (p. 106)

Enoki were shortlisted for the IDEA09 Awards and two of their projects were published in issue 58.

Hot Spots Cool Shops
2008 (p. 40-41)

Susanna was interviewed by Inside Out magazine for 'Hot Spots Cool Shops', an insider's guide to places where the creative professionals of Australia shop.

The Adelaide Magazine
December 2007 (p. 67-71)

The Mitolo Beach House was featured in the December 2007 edition of the Adelaide Magazine.

Open Doors
November 2007 (p. 62-67)

Enoki were featured amoung a collection of Australian architects and interior designers in Open Doors, a book edited by Jennifer Clark and Tim Clark.

Sunday Mail: Home
November 2007 (p. 26)

Puzzle furniture was featured in an article by Tom Twopeny in Home magazine, published by the Sunday Mail (11/11/2007).

The Adelaide Magazine
August 2007 (p. 61-63)

The Stock Snell Residence was featured in the Adelaide Magazine.

The Adelaide Magazine
May 2007 (p. 28)

Susanna was featured as one of four Adelaide designers providing their tips for residential design.

Home Beautiful
August 2006 (p. 59)

Susanna was interviewed about her top design tips in the August 2006 edition of Home Beautiful magazine.


Not really a competition: Decorated Pointe Shoes for Create
July 2015

'Let your light shine' and 'Beautiful War on the Feet' were created for The Create Project. The Create Project was the brain child of 'Friends of the Australian Ballet South Australia' and was launched in 2013. An international first, the project captures the magic of ballet, fashion, art and design as leading Australian designers transform Bloch's iconic Pointe Shoes into timeless works of art in support of The Australian Ballet.

Park(ing) Day
September 2013

Enoki participated in 'Park(ing) Day 2013'. 'Bocced Park' was created, a space used to play bocce and encourage people to rethink the way we use the urban environment around us.

Henley Square Urban Design Competition
February 2013

Enoki participated in a competition to redesign the urban space of Henley Square. Together with architect Peter Moeck a concept was developed based on engaging with people, culture history and place.

Park(ing) Day
September 2011

Enoki participated in 'Park(ing) Day 2011'. Their installation was a whimsical approach to 'a park'. It was a play on innocence, bygone times and an ideal everyday. All of the materials used, were either borrowed or recycled.

Hands on Door Handles
April 2011

Enoki entered the 'Hands on Door Handles' International Design Competition, run by Colombo Design. Our metaphorically named entries included the pipe, the paddle and parallel.

Harper's Bazaar: Peroni Young Designer
October 2010

The 'Stem' bottle opener embodies the Peroni ethos. The use of beautiful materials - solid walnut and anodized aluminium - reflects the high end nature of the product. Its simple and elegant styling highlight the ergonomics of the piece which is contoured to allow for ease of use. The 'Stem' bottle opener was one of 5 finalists out of 400 entries.

AGDA Poster Annual 2010
October 2010

The theme for the 2010 Australian Graphic Design Association Poster Competition was 'Optimism'. How can graphic design bring about lasting social change? We were excited by this theme and produced 6 posters.

Park(ing) Day
September 2010

Enoki participated in 'Park(ing) Day 2010'. The name of the installation was 'All My Friends Are Dead' and featured a pink dinosaur. The 'park' went on to win the Presidents Inspection Award for the most commended park

Designer Rugs Evolve Awards
August 2010

This rug was part of a set entered into the Designer Rugs Evolve Awards 2010. '19 Dots' inspires user interaction and makes for a fun, whimsical design suitable for all ages.

World Space Creators
August 2010

In today's world, time and space are two of human kind's greatest commodities. Our society can be divided into two groups: the time-rich and the time-poor. With these two groups in mind, we developed a retail system made up of beautifully tactile, highly interactive intelligent pods. The pods can be customised with a choice of lighting, music, colours and ambient aromas available. They can stand alone, be grouped as a cluster or interconnected to create a sophisticated series of multi-user retail spaces. Time-rich customers can immerse themselves in the interactivity and spend many hours with friends 'trying things on'. Time-poor customers can go straight to the item they desire, purchase and leave in a matter of minutes.

Joy T
August 2010

As part of the World Space Creators Award 2010, Enoki entered the 'Joy T' competition. We decided to use our Soup icons. The pop-up shop became a giant soup can vending machine. The t-shirts have a circular neck and rounded hem at the bottom, picking up on the form of the soup can and features an illustration representing a letter of the alphabet creating 26 unique tees. Each t-shirt is packaged in a clear plastic soup can.

Corporate Culture Table Competition
July 2010

The 'Stilt' and 'Hip' tables in white birch were concepted to accompany Danish Designer Hans Wagner's 'wishbone chair'. The 'Stilt' table with its 4 corner legs set in from the edge allows the beveled top to float over the sides. The 'Hip' table portrays Danish craftsmanship using simple forms and timber moulding. 'Hip' is void of any hard edges, with the three main components, the top and two sides, meeting to produce a seamless table.

Dezeen & Ventura Lambrate Exhibit 2010
April 2010

Dezeen teamed up with Organisation in Design to give away a 25 sqm exhibition space in the new Ventura Lambrate design district during the Salone del Mobile [International Furniture Fair of Milan] April 2010. Enoki wanted to showcase work to a global audience.

Font Aid IV
February 2010

Designed for (SOTA) the Society of Typographic Aficionado's Font Aid IV, a project uniting the typographic and design communities to raise funds to expedite relief efforts in Haiti. Nearly 400 people from 37 countries participated. This ampersand is constructed of planks symbolising the structural rebuilding of Haiti. It was included in the 'Coming Together' ampersand typeface.

Harpers Bazaar & Nastro Azzurro's
Creative Types Competition
December 2009

The process of setting a table, presenting a meal, serving the food, and most importantly sharing and eating together is very special to Susanna. The use of natural materials to serve natural, whole foods was the main influence for the 'Stem' utensils. Their elegant, simple and organic appearance is complimented by the angled tip detail which acts as a resting base for the utensils. The delicate, natural 'Stem' communicates our notion of slow, good food and design. Made from recycled Walnut. 'Stem' was a design finalist in Harpers Bazaar and Nastro Azzurro's Creative Types competition 2009.

Hermes Design Boom Competition
November 2009

When luxury brand Hermes Paris in collaboration with designboom, organised an international design competition for new concepts in the design of ties, Enoki got to work. Solutions range from typographic to 'H' motifs, to playing on the equestrian theme in a very abstract way.

Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition
November 2009

The Adelaide Fringe is an arts festival which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2010. Each year the event organisers call for submissions to the Fringe Poster Competition. The chosen entry becomes the visual identity for that year's event.

'Moss' Stop
October 2009

In response to the Travel DIA Exhibition 2009, former Enoki team member Samantha Agostino, designed a series of bus stops to nurture and nourish travellers subjected to dreary, polluted streets. Bus travellers have made our world a greener place to live and deserve a greener place to sit.

October 2009

A second entry into the Travel DIA Exhibition 2009. Susanna designed 'Time'kerchief'. A 1m square screen printed, cotton hankerchief with a built-in portable world clock. 'Time'kerchief' folds up neatly into a leather pouch. It also comes as a wall hanging with larger hands.

Type For You Competition
October 2009

This typeface was developed for a client but then put aside. When the Type For You competition was accepting submissions Enoki brought it back to life as a competition entry. A mono spaced typeface, it is based loosely on the structure of a railway track. We have affectionately named it 'Rail'.

Shelter Competition
October 2009

This is a concept developed for Guggenheim's Design It: Shelter competition. Our 9.3 sqm shelter - a woven network of interlocking fibres is a nest in which to sit, a perch from which to view, a web from which to spring into the city.

Andre World
October 2009

This is a design of a comfortable armchair, reading chair or meeting chair. It is proportioned to be relaxed, ergonomic seating. The 'Bow' table helps reconnect the user with a more casual way of doing business. Together, the 'Bow' chair and table entice people with their sensuous, comfortable and inviting forms.


The Laminex Group DIA SA Awards 2015
Silver: Built Environment

Beresford Cellar Door

2015 Eat Drink Design Awards
Shortlisted: Best Café Design

Pickle in the Middle

2015 Eat Drink Design Awards
Shortlisted: Best Identity Design

Pickle in the Middle

2015 Eat Drink Design Awards
Shortlisted: Best Bar Design

La Buvette

The Laminex Group DIA SA Awards 2014


The Laminex Group DIA SA Awards 2013

The Warradale Hotel Branding

The Laminex Group DIA SA Awards 2012
The Laminex Award

The Common

Abode House and Garden Awards 2012
Runner Up

Brammy Kyprianou Residence

Abode House and Garden Awards 2012
Runner Up

Adelaide Residence

Museums Australia Multimedia
and Publication Design Awards 2011
Highly Commended

Abstract Nature Exhibition Interactive Catalogue

Stylecraft 'Design A Ginger' Competition 2011
First Place

The Enoki-oki-ans from Hackberry Lane

South Australian Design Awards 2010
Visual Communication Silver Award

The Haus Hahndorf

Adelaide PARK(ing) Day 2010
President's Inspection Award

'All My Friend's Are Dead'

Australian Interior Design Awards 2010
Best of State - South Australia

Belair Hotel

Australian Interior Design Awards 2010
Shortlist - Award for Hospitality Design

Belair Hotel

Belle Georg Jensen Design Awards 2009
Finalist - Best Commerical Interior

Belair Hotel

South Australian Design Awards 2009
Award of Merit - Built Environment

Belair Hotel

South Australian Interior Design Awards 2009
Commendation - Built Environment

Brammy Kyprianou Residence

South Australian Design Awards 2009
Commendation - Visual Communication

Form 307 Book

South Australian Design Awards 2009
Commendation - Visual Communication

Belair Hotel Identity & Graphics

South Australian Interior Design Awards 2009
President's Award

Enoki Pty Ltd

IDEA 09: Interior Design Excellence Awards
Shortlist - Hospitality

Belair Hotel

IDEA 09: Interior Design Excellence Awards
Shortlist - Residential Single

Brammy Kyprianou Residence